Exams Week 2017

The week commencing Monday 19th June 2017 will run as an Examination Week for all students in years 7, 8, 9,10 and 12.  The aim of the Examination Week is to ensure all students are provided with opportunities to develop the revision and examination techniques that are an essential component of success in their examinations.  As well as acting as a valuable learning experience, the examinations will also provide pupils with an opportunity to consolidate their learning through the academic year. 

Year 7 Revision Guides 2017

Year 8 Revision Guides 2017

Year 9 Revision Guides 2017

Year 10 Revision Guides 2017

Year 12 Revision Guides 2017

Exam Week Timetables 2017

Exam Week 2017 Letters & Parental Guidance