Website & Media FAQ


  • The main St Joan of Arc Website is :

  • A secondary website is maintained at :

  • The two websites reflect the school communications strategy of a ‘Corporate Voice’ ( and a ‘Community Voice’ (

  • The website is aimed at providing concise, targeted communications for outside visitors and prospective parents and staff. It is also the main provider of key information, such as News, announcements, the school Calendar, a range of policy documents and high level overviews of the structure and ethos of the school. This site is curated by the schools Administration team to ensure the accuracy of the information given. This site will NOT provide commentary (beyond those shared in News) on the day to day activities of the school, examples of student work or celebration of specific events, this is the function of the website.

  • The website provides St Joans ‘Community Voice’. It also is the main access for Staff and Students to St Joan’s internal services, such as Email, Google App’s and Online Learning. It is here you will discover photo’s, articles and announcements that reflect the personality and ethos of St Joan’s with the content directly managed and developed by subject staff

  • The website is designed to be viewed fullscreen on a desktop computer. It has been optimised to provide a modified view on mobile devices such as Ipad’s and Smartphone’s. However this is a graphically rich site and the quality of views on mobile devices is not perfect. Our experience has shown that viewing the site in ‘Landscape’ mode provides a better experience than ‘portrait’ mode.

  • The website is again best viewed on a desktop computer, however this site does perform better on mobile devices, as it is less graphically rich.

  • Both of our websites are affected differently depending on which browser is used on a mobile device. Indeed on some smartphone’s the web site may not display at all. Where possible we recommend Google Chrome as the browser of choice, as this has proved the most reliable to date. Google Chrome is available as a free download from the Apple App Store for IOS and Google Play for Andoid.

  • St Joan’s is also active on Social Media sites, with twitter providing the most active content. However Facebook and Flickr accounts are also maintained and can be followed via links on both websites.