Pastoral Care



"Carry each other's burdens, and in this way you will fulfil the law of Christ."

Galatians 6:2




Your form tutor and learning co-ordinator are there to support you with both your studies and your pastoral care. There may be times when issues become difficult to manage on our own e.g. problems in friendship groups, feeling sad for periods of time, pressures and anxieties about work and making progress, worries about the health of family members or relationships within families, anxieties about being pressured into behaving in a way we are uncomfortable with. Your form tutor and other members of staff can support you in dealing with these issues, including providing details and information about support groups and organisations.

In school we also have the chaplain and the school counsellor.



The school chaplain is available throughout the day and after school should you need somebody to talk to. Sometimes just talking about what is concerning us can bring great relief. The chaplain is also available through email and other forms of social media including Twitter, Facebook and the chaplaincy website .


The chaplaincy office is located next to the chapel and is always open.



There are times when a quiet space can be just what we need. The chapel is ideal if you need time to pray, think, collect your thoughts, have a good cry and compose yourself. The chapel should always have a quiet and calming atmosphere and therefore is not the place to come and hang out and chat with friends or to get out of the rain at break time. Please help keep the chapel as a place of prayer, peace and quiet.



The school also provides access to a professional counsellor who is present in school at various times throughout the week. You may feel this service will benefit you if you've experienced bullying, bereavement (death), low self-esteem, depression or anything else that affects you and how you feel. If you think you would like to speak to the counsellor speak to your Tutor, Learning Co-ordinator or come along to one of the counsellor’s drop-in sessions to find out more.



The Sixth Form Prefects perform an important role within the school community and if you ever need someone to talk to, or are confused whether to tell a teacher or adult about something, a Sixth Form Prefect could be just what you need.

At St Joan's we feel strongly that whatever the issue is that you are facing, there should be somebody that you feel able to talk to in our school community.


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