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Welcome to St Joan of Arc Catholic School

St Joan of Arc is a vibrant Catholic school with high expectations and great ambitions for every one of our students. We believe that discipline, structure and common purpose are solid foundations in life and education. The school values working closely with parents. We know that this is essential in meeting the pastoral and academic needs of all our students.

Our aim is to provide your child with a dynamic blend of academic challenge, spiritual development and enrichment experiences that will allow them to grow in faith and to make the most of their innate ability. The ethos and standards we expect of our students enable us to provide a place for learning where they feel safe and happy. We are con dent students at St Joan’s will receive the best holistic educational experience possible.

We recognise that children are unique, each with their own gifts and talents that will only fully develop at school once they know that they are loved and valued by our dedicated staff. Our students deserve the best and that is what we aim to give them. They are supported by a team of staff united in encouraging, guiding, motivating and challenging each one of them to be the best person they can be. 

Peter Sweeney
Head teacher



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