St Joan of Arc is a vibrant Catholic School with high expectations and great ambitions for every one of our students. We believe that discipline, structure and common purpose are solid foundations in life and education. 

The behaviour of students at St Joan of Arc is outstanding which is testament of our student’s desire to achieve their absolute potential.

We aim to provide your child with the academic challenge, spiritual development and enrichment experiences that will allow them to grow in faith and to make the most of their innate ability. The ethos and standards we expect of our students enables us to create a thriving community for learning where students have high expectations for their academic, spiritual and personal development. This, combined with the high quality teaching we provide, ensures our students are knowledgable, successful and confident you adults ready for their next stage of development when they eventually move on from our school.

Students are expected to complete regular homework, all of which is published on Show My Homework, and, students are encouraged to work independently and have access to a Virtual Learning Environments, such as My Maths, GCSE Pod, and Linguaphone.  Students are also encouraged to maximise the resources available in the library to further their learning