St Joan’s provides the correct blend of academic challenge, spiritual development and enrichment Headteacher

Catholic Ethos

We are first and foremost a Catholic school, inspired by the example of St Joan of Arc who remained true to her faith throughout her life despite the many challenges presented to her.
Our students grow in an atmosphere permeated by the Gospel values of love, forgiveness and compassion.
All are valued for who they are. They develop and mature an awareness of the needs of others and the importance of service. We know our students enjoy their time at St Joan’s; that they remember how they were treated with respect and dignity. 

The Catholic Traditions of St Joan's

St Joan of Arc Catholic School was established in Rickmansworth in 1904 by the Daughters of Jesus, a religious order founded in Brittany in 1834. In 1904 the school opened with five pupils from which St Joan's gradually grew and became a Girls Grammar School. In 1975 the school came under the Trusteeship of the RCDOW and admitted boys for the first time. In 2011 converted to become a Catholic Academy under the Trusteeship of the RCDOW.

Mission Statement

The mission of the school is to 'love Christ: inspire others'.

We will show our love for Christ by creating a community in which all our members will experience a deeply held faith and inspire others to follow the teachings of Christ through the way we live.

Students and staff at St Joan’s commit to the acts of love, service, respect, justice and faith. We therefore act out our mission by:

  • Love – to put others first
  • Service – to serve and not be served
  • Respect – to treat others equally
  • Justice – to treat others fairly
  • Faith – to be witnesses to our faith

Our Mission Statement is the inspiration for all that we do at St Joan of Arc School.

We have a full time Lay Chaplain as part of our staff to promote the Catholic life of the school. The Chaplain makes a significant contribution to the spiritual development of both pupil's and staff at St. Joan's.

Sense of Community

The whole thrust of a Catholic community is to build a community of faith based on Gospel values. Everyone involved within a Catholic School contributes in some way to the creation of a Christian community which is a sign of God's presence. Central to the notion of fostering an atmosphere or ethos which values the self esteem of pupils and staff are assemblies, liturgies, morning prayer and our respect for ourselves, others and environment fundamental to the Christian way of life.

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