Business Studies

Business Studies is available at Key Stage 5 and is the study of decision making within organisations set against the background of a dynamic environment.

Students are encouraged to form a critical understanding of these structures, their markets, internal workings, management and ways of working. Drawing upon a variety of disciplines students are invited to view business behaviour from different perspectives, those of customers, managers, creditors, trade unionists and owners. The mechanisms and range of skills necessary for decision making, including analysis of information and its evaluation are examined, and an awareness of the conduct of business practice as reflected in current issues of the day, both locally and nationally, is developed and deepened.

The Sixth Form Centre provides accommodation dedicated to Business Studies. A DVD library is being built up along with a collection of several CDs to use on the computers in the neighbouring computer room. Hardware and software programmes in use are industry standard. Students are required to follow, monitor and comment upon current business and financial affairs as reported in the press and TV, and researched on the Internet. As this is such a fast growing and popular course, many new texts are currently available. Most of the work is based on one of these which provides appropriate information as well as examples of modern practice.

This subject provides a good foundation for tertiary study in any commercial field. Students will be qualified to gain access to a wide variety of enterprises such as banking, insurance, stock broking, manufacturing, retailing, marketing and any form of administration.