Students study a wide variety of topics in Geography at St. Joan’s, looking at a range of physical and human subjects, whilst developing their geographical skills and developing their awareness of contemporary geographical issues. A range of topics is investigated and the students will develop their understanding of the concept of scale; investigating events from a local, national and international level.

As well as developing their understanding of the creation of geographical landscapes, students are also encouraged to formulate their own opinion on controversial issues such as world poverty, global warming and international relations whilst exploring them from a Catholic context.

KS3 students undertake a course in Geographical skills when they first come in to the school which underpins many of the concepts they learn as they continue with their studies. They are then taught about key issues from a local and national standpoint which not only further helps them to understand their forthcoming courses, but also helps them to understand their place in the world and what can be done to change it for the better.

In GCSE Geography we are study the  AQA-A Geography syllabus with students. Numbers taking Geography at GCSE are high and geography is a popular option choice within the school. As part of their controlled assessment, students undertake a Coastal field-trip where they take various measurements and use their own results to produce a detailed coastal study. Attainment at GCSE has been strong, as seen in 2013 where 89% of our students attained a grade A*-C.

At A level Geography we have had a large a number of students undertake the course over recent years. This subject is very popular with students as it looks at so many aspects of the world around us and importantly enables students to understand the interconnectedness of our world. One of the highlights of the course is a popular bi-annual international trip. In the past we have been to New York City and Washington DC and are currently in the process of planning another exciting adventure for early 2015!

In 2013, 93% of students gained an A*-C grade at A level. This reflects the hard work of both students and staff and also indicates excellent staff student relationships within the department. Some students went on to study Geography or Geography related courses such as Architecture, development and Cultural Studies. The department is very proud of what it has achieved and firmly believes that it not only contributes to its students academically, but also contributes to developing the students socially, morally and spiritually.

Geography Department Information