The aim of the Mathematics Department is for every pupil, whatever their ability, to fulfil their mathematical potential. To achieve this we strive to make our lessons interesting, innovative and relevant to everyday life.


Pupils entering the school are set according to ability, based on an initial assessment and on information from feeder schools. The sets vary in size; those who find the work more challenging are taught in smaller sets. Formal assessments are made every half term and pupils are given a NC level at the end of the year. Following this, set changes are decided, though set movement is still considered on an individual basis throughout the year.

The department has devised its own schemes of work reflecting the numeracy strategy at Key Stage 3 and covering the content of the Edexcel GCSE two-tier linear syllabus at Key Stage 4.

We have a bank of other resources and many practical activities to stimulate kinaesthetic learners. The department regularly shares best practice and strives to deliver material in ways which help all types of learners progress.

In Year 10 our set 1 pupils sit the Edexcel GCSE Statistics exam a year early. This gives them a deeper insight into data handling as well as an additional qualification in Maths, whilst enabling them to concentrate on GCSE Mathematics in Year 11.

In the Sixth Form we offer A2 and AS level Mathematics following the Edexcel syllabus. This currently incorporates four modules of Core Mathematics and two modules of Applied Mathematics.

The most able Sixth Form students are encouraged to pursue all or part of a Further Mathematics course, to probe the subject beyond the A-level syllabus. Many such students have gone on to study Mathematics at university.

Outside the Classroom

To raise the profile of Mathematics in the school, we hold a ‘Maths Week’ each year. Highlights include the ‘Puzzle of the Day’ competition, in which pupils are asked to solve a different mathematical puzzle every day, and the Year 7 ‘Brainbuster Cup’ competition. For more details see



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