Physical Education

The department is enthusiastic and innovative in the ways that it provides sporting opportunities for all, to enable the pupils to pursue healthy active lifestyles.

The commitment from the five full time Physical Education teachers is unwavering. Their passion for sport and the understanding of the benefits of prolonged participation will hopefully inspire pupils to maintain a lifetime association and involvement in physical activity.

  • Mr J Simpson – Curriculum Leader
  • Mr Gallagher – Deputy Curriculum Leader

Curriculum Opportunities

During Key Stage 3 curriculum time pupils experience a variety of activities on a carousel rotation in order to give them a broad and diverse introduction to Physical Education that covers all of the range and content of the National Curriculum. Learning activities are engaging and enjoyable and are pupil focussed which regularly involves them assessing their own and others progress.

At Key Stage 4 all pupils follow GCSE Physical Education (short course) and those that choose Physical Education as one of their options follow the full course version. These pupils are also able to achieve the nationally accredited Junior Sports Leader award.

A Level Physical Education is offered to those pupils in Key Stage 5. This provides an in depth analysis of Physical Education and its key strands that allow pupils to proceed to higher education and continue their involvement in sport beyond St Joan of Arc.

Extra Curricular Opportunities

There is a huge extra curricular programme of activities at St Joan of Arc. There are the key focus sports which are played in seasons throughout the year in which the pupils compete in leagues and cups at District, County and National level. There are also many additional activities which provide further opportunities for pupils to participate in sport outside of curriculum time.


Boys Girls Additional Activities
Football Netball Badminton Boxing
Rugby Football Judo Archery
Basketball Dance Sailing Rowing
Athletics Athletics Alternative Dance Aerobics
Tennis Tennis Fitness Cross Country
Cricket Rounders Gymnastics Table Tennis

Leadership opportunities are provided for all pupils across the key stages and they regularly assist with sporting events at St Joan of Arc and within the wider community. Pupils also assist with the coaching of younger pupils in the school and the relationship with the Physical Education staff with its pupils is excellent.

There are three major whole school sporting events in the academic year: Sports day is held at a local Athletics track and all of the pupils, staff and parents support the day. There is a varsity style rugby game at the end of the season against a local school that always attracts great support and enthusiasm, not to mention an intense but friendly rivalry, that show cases sporting behaviour at its best. The annual Dance show regularly has over 100 performers demonstrating a wide range of styles in front of large, and quite often lively, audiences.

We regularly run sports tours and ski trips abroad and have recently visited France, Spain, Holland, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and even took 40 pupils on a Netball and Football tour to Australia!

We also run a number of one off trips to various places which include Lords, Wembley, Wimbledon, Snow Dome, Dance Shows, David Beckham Academy and watched a variety of international sporting events.

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