As a core subject, science holds an important position within the curriculum.

Classes are taught as mixed ability groups on entry and then in sets for years 8, 9, 10 and 11. All students study KS3 topics in years 7 and 8, then start the AQA triple science GCSE course at the beginning of year 9, leading to separate GCSE qualifications in Biology, Chemistry and Physics at the end of year 11.  Our team of KS4 teachers enables the science courses to be delivered to smaller classes in years 9, 10 and 11.

At AS and A2 level, we offer Biology (OCR examining board), Chemistry (OCR) and Physics (AQA).

Aims of the department

The aims of the JOA Science Department are:

  • to stimulate an interest in science in young people.

  • to develop an enthusiasm for enquiry and learning in our students.

  • to develop an understanding of the scientific method.

  • to appreciate the importance of science towards the needs of society.

  • to show how science impacts on the environment and encourage a sense of responsibility for its well being.

  • to provide good models to help students become independent learners and develop key skills.

  • to provide a sound foundation for further studies in the separate subjects at age 16+.


We provide a dedicated team of specialist teachers and technical staff, using modern technology and traditional values within a Catholic ethos.

Science Department Information