Child Development

We are using the examination board OCR, they describe Child Development as follows:

This qualification focuses on the development of a child from conception to the age of five, developing knowledge and understanding in all aspects of child development.

This is an overview of the GCSE Child Development.

These are the topics we learn about:

Principles of Child Development
•  Family and parenting
•  Preparation for pregnancy and birth
•  Physical development
•  Nutrition and health
•  Intellectual, social and emotional development
•  Community support
80 marks
40% of the total GCSE marks
1 hour 30 minutes written paper
This unit is externally assessed

Controlled assessment.

Child Development Short Tasks
GCSE Home Economics (Child Development) is made up of three mandatory units.
Unit B011
Candidates submit three short tasks chosen from
a list of tasks provided by OCR 60 marks (20 marks per task)
30% of the total GCSE marks

Unit B012
Child Study Task  STUDENTS go on work experience to a nursery
Candidates submit one individual task chosen from a list of themes provided by OCR
60 marks  30% of the total GCSE marks
Controlled assessment 22 hours
This unit is internally assessed and externally