Learning Support

Meeting Individual Needs

The Learning Support Department is led by a SENco and comprises of a team of qualified Learning Support Assistants, supported by a SEN Administrative Co-ordinator.

Liaison with primary schools and parents prior to admission

This begins in the April, prior to September intake.  Primary schools are asked to inform us of students who are transferring to St Joan of Arc who are on their Special Educational Needs Register.  The Head of Learning Support is part of the primary liaison team and attends several of the primary school visits during the summer term to discuss pupil’s needs with primary school staff.

Autumn Term Year 7

Upon entry to St. Joan of Arc the entire Year 7 cohort are tested to ensure that all needs are identified and provision is in place for all students whose needs may not have been highlighted during the transition phase.  If pupils are identified as needing intervention parents are invited to meet with the Head of Learning Support to discuss their child’s needs and provision.

Support Provision within school

Learning Support at St. Joan of Arc is reflective of the Code of Practice for Special Educational Needs 2014 and therefore based on the principle that all students should have access to quality first teaching and a full and balanced curriculum.  To this end much of the support within school is facilitated through the principles of inclusive teaching and the deployment of Learning Support Assistants to curriculum areas.

For some students additional support is necessary to ensure that they make adequate progress. The types of support programmes that are available are listed below:

  • Literacy focused lessons
  • Targeted Intervention in core subjects
  • Assessment for Access Arrangements – GCSE
  • Individual Mentoring

Information In school

The school has a Special Educational Needs Register that is updated on a Termly basis and is available to all teaching staff. Teaching staff also have access to assessment data and strategies to implement for students with Special Educational Needs.  The placement of children on the register is based on assessment data and liaison with teaching staff.  Parents are informed when students are placed on the register and are notified when, following re-assessment, students have been discharged.

Parental Liaison

The Learning Support Department team review progress on a regular basis through Wave Support Reviews and Parent Consultation afternoons.

We firmly believe in liaison with parents and to this end parents are invited to contact the Head of Learning Support if they have concerns about their child’s needs.